Zhongtai machinery to face competition in the market research and development of high-end products
Recently, China, zhongtai machinery co., LTD., is a busy dc communications periodic debugging to series of new products. Huang Dong winter, at present the project is in the stage of trial order, on the one hand is to show the performance of the product to the customer, on the other hand is before mass producers continue to improve product performance, when full production to provide better products to our customers. 
"Before, the company's main fuse and power transformer two series of products, but the current local production of similar products have hundreds of companies, to avoid vicious competition market, cooperate with enterprises transformation and upgrading of product structure adjustment strategy, at the same time, considering the enterprise original fuse and power transformer two kinds of problems the product structure of a single product, China and Thailand to start the dc communication project." Huang Dong winter explained. 
In addition, because the product belongs to the industrial chain on the part of the accessories, but the final customer is an international high-end customers especially Europe and the United States. "Enterprise must stand in the customer perspective, for the sake of customers is the planning for the enterprise itself." Huang Dong dong said. So, the company passed the national CCC certification in March and April, the material of the RS certification and German TUV certification, directly on the product requirements such as environmental protection is an international customer requirements, formulate relevant standards and carry out strict standard item.